How to Protect your Furniture When Moving House

There is only one real concern when it comes to moving your furniture – the idea that the furniture can get damaged somehow. This can happen when you’re moving to a new house or office. For many individuals, their furniture is among the most valuable assets that they own. As a result, if something happens to their furniture, it can definitely be a blow to their belongings, if not their overall financial situation.

There are obviously ways to protect your furniture when you are moving, and here are some tips that might help you figure out how to do just that. When you are moving your furniture in Singapore, these are some great tips to think about.

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Use Bubble Wrap

There are many cases in which nothing is needed more than bubble wrap. This is advantageous to many because bubble wrap is readily available, and it is transparent. This helps tremendously when it comes to organising your belongings since you can actually already see what’s inside (as opposed to cardboard boxes). If you have wooden pieces, whether they are dressers or drawers, bubble wrap can be a great option. Bubble wrap can also come in handy tremendously when it comes to glass objects, as well.

Dismantle Your Furniture First

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You might have large pieces of furniture that you have to disassemble, and this will help tremendously when it comes to space. There are sectionals and other furniture that you can take apart, and you certainly should. It’s definitely better to dismantle as much as you can. While some might consider it a hassle, the truth is that it will lead to a lot less work, time, and energy. You should dismantle your bed frames and other furniture, and consider doing it a day or two before actually moving. This is a great way to make moving day easier in general, for when it comes time to move to a new house in Singapore.

You should also consult with manuals to find out how to dismantle furniture correctly. Some furniture requires specific tools in order to be easily dismantled or reassembled.

Use Adequate Protective Materials

You are perhaps aware that you can use all kinds of soft goods, from blankets to clothes, to protect your furniture. You can wrap the furniture with fabrics and then seal them using plastic or tape. What you may not know is how easy it is to use a sling to move a mattress. Mattresses are heavy and large. They are quite difficult to manage. Even two strong people may struggle to move a mattress. Instead of sliding or dragging the mattress, you can use a reliable swing from one end to another and move it vertically. This is simpler than it sounds.

Use ramps whenever and wherever relevant. Ramps can reduce the quantum of effort needed. They can also make light of some of the more daunting challenges. Ramps can also save time. Make sure the ramps are reliable and do not let the harness go at any stage. You do not want any furniture to have a free slide down the ramp.

Plan The Move

One of the most important aspects when it comes to moving your furniture in Singapore is to figure out HOW exactly to move it. This isn’t just about the material and packaging that you use, but it’s about how you load it up onto your moving truck or lorry. This is true whether you’re moving your or or moving your office.

What are you moving first? One great strategy is to try to create a wall of boxes in the back of the truck. This can help in various ways – it helps to create a “wall” of support for your other belongings, and it also provides some cushion for the heavier furniture, as well. It should be noted that this wall should not contain any extremely fragile belongings.

You should also try to move square furniture either against a wall or into corners so that it fits snugly. You should also try to move in mattresses afterwards, and then find space for more upholstered items that might require rope, for example, or more fragile items that can fit in the extra space.

You can also use extra blankets if you feel like there is a chance that fragile items or furniture pieces might get damaged during the ride.

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