6 Tips to Pack Boxes Correctly for Moving

You never really realize how much stuff you own, until you must move it all. Although packing and moving can seem like a daunting task, knowing how to pack will end up saving you time and energy when the big day comes. One of the most important home moving tip we can give you is this – plan ahead! Make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time to gather the right materials and to pack your boxes the right way before the day of the big move comes. Home movers in Singapore love it when homeowners use the following tips when they hire professional movers to help relocate their belongings.

Ensuring that your stuff is packed properly makes the move much easier for your moving company, while at the same time it makes the move cheaper for you as well. Now that’s a win-win that we like!

Choose Appropriate Packing Boxes

There is nothing worse than for a moving service to get calls to unload a truck that is packed with boxes that are not correctly chosen for the goods they are holding. There are various types of packing boxes and not all of them may be suitable for your purposes. Choose good boxes from either liquor stores or from a moving company – they are much stronger than grocery boxes. Second, choose the right box for the right weight distribution. If you are packing books, pack smaller boxes. Otherwise, the bottoms of the box are more likely to fall out. Besides, a large box filled with books or bricks (we kid you not) is very heavy and difficult to move. This is especially true if they are special circumstances connected with your move. For example, there your new apartment requires that the movers bring your boxes up a flight of stairs. Moving services would rather have a number of boxes that are weighted appropriately, rather than one large box that is likely to result in catastrophe.

Necessary vs Unnecessary

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You really don’t want to move a whole bunch of stuff that you are not going to use. Although professional movers don’t know what is inside of the boxes, their load would be a lot easier if they weren’t moving a mass of items that were not going to be utilised. Now is the time to start cleaning out, throwing away and donating goods that you don’t use. Pack boxes that are the right size but pack them full. Get the most for your bang. Keep a box of necessary items that you are going to use right away handy, so that it is easily accessible once you move in.

If you need some help figuring out which items you need to keep and which to throw out, check out Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method. She’s all the rage right now in space-starved Singapore!

However, if you are packing for an office or commercial move, then please check with your accounts department before throwing anything away. Your company might have certain processes in place when it comes to the disposal of assets.

Another alternative would be for you to utilise a storage rental service instead, especially for things that are too valuable to throw away.

Use What You Have

Do you have clean garbage bins, baskets, laundry baskets and sturdy bags? Put them to use. You don’t need to get a whole bunch of boxes if you already use what you have. Utilize those backpacks and luggage. It will create less waste when moving is completed. Use these items for cleaning supplies, documents, and necessary items that you will need once you get to your new location. Boxes are great for storage, but use the ones you already have, because you can put them away in your new home as soon as you unpack them.

Pack According to Room Location

One of the most helpful things for movers in Singapore is when homeowners pack boxes according to room location. This is also helpful for you when you go to unpack. When you are delegating where things go in the home, it is great when all your master bedroom items are together in one box, bathroom items are in another, and kitchen items are in another. Of course, you may have a few miscellaneous boxes, but the more that you can group them together according to room location, the easier it will be for the moving company that you decide to hire.

Label Packing Boxes Well

Another key tip, other than grouping like items together, is to label the boxes well on the outside. By marking what room, this will help your movers place them in the right location in the house. If you label items by number, you can also have a catalogue of what is in each box written down in a notebook. Labelling items will leave out the guessing games once you tape them shut. That way, you can also unpack the more important items first, because you will know what each box contains. A good sharpie or permanent marker will do the trick!

Wrap Breakables

If you have some prized possessions made from glass or ceramic, it is extremely important that you wrap up your items and not just toss them in a box. There is nothing worse than opening a box and just to have a bunch of small pieces fall out. Not only is it dangerous, but moving companies also do not like to be blamed for poorly wrapped items breaking. Bubble wrap, newspapers and grocery bags all work well. Make sure your items are protected inside and out, and that there is stuffing in between each item.

Taking the time to pack your items correctly will save both you and your movers a lot of time and effort. The better you pack, the smoother the move will be into your new location. With labelling your boxes and grouping them by location, unpacking items will be a breeze! Ensuring that you are choosing the right boxes and that you are carefully wrapping important items will help to protect your possessions during the transition.

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